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Retention, Progression, Graduation (RPG)

The Retention, Progression, and Graduation (RPG) Task Force was formed in January 2013 to explore issues related to improving USC Aiken’s retention, progression and graduation (RPG) rates. Examples of areas to explore could include, but are not limited to: academic success and advisement efforts, methods for all academic and non-academic departments across campus to contribute to RPG, policies and procedures impacting RPG, issues of customer service, student involvement, ceremonies and traditions, and academic engagement.


In the first meeting of the task force, the group decided that the comprehensive and significant charge would be better addressed by breaking into two independent task forces.

Progression and Graduation (P and G) Task Force

Chair, Dr. Charmaine Wilson

Progression and Graduation (P and G) Task Force : Final Report | April 15, 2013

Retention (R) Task Force

Chair, Mr. Ahmed Samaha

Retention (R) Task Force : Final Report | Spring 2013

RPG Advisory Committee (Plans of Action for Strategy 2.2) | February 2, 2015

RPG Implementation Committee Minutes (requires log-in)