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Meet the Academic Leadership Program Fellows

Meet the Academic Leadership Program Fellows

The USC System is launching a new leadership development program this fall. 

The Academic Leadership Program is designed to provide talented and diverse faculty and professional staff an opportunity to deepen their ability to be effective academic leaders at all levels of the university. It is intended to assist those individuals who may be considering leadership positions to understand the public university as a dynamic and inclusive institution;  assist building awareness of the complex, diverse, and rapidly changing landscape of higher education; and explore the university’s role in that landscape.

The participants from USC Aiken are Betty Abraham-Settles, from the School of Nursing; Sanela Porca, School of Business; Cindy Gelinas, Counseling Services; Joel Scraper, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Bridgett Coleman, School of Education; and Alexandra Roach, College of Sciences and Engineering. These individuals were selected in an application process to be among the inaugural class of Fellows along with colleagues from USC Beaufort, USC Upstate, and the USC Palmetto College institutions.

The Fellows will be in workshops this year that feature presentations by guest speakers, discussions, and case studies throughout the academic year, and they will be invited to participate in a leadership-shadowing program next year.

The first workshop is on September 20-21 and will be hosted by USC Aiken. Dr. Harris Pastides will attend the dinner, kicking off this new leadership opportunity.

Please take a moment to congratulate your colleagues, the Fellows from USC Aiken, who were selected from a robust and highly competitive group of applications.

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