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Master Sports Schedule for Spring 2019

Master Sports Schedule for Spring 2019


Here is the master schedule of all sport events for the spring semester.  This is based on the posted schedules for the teams, but please remember there may be a few changes due to bad weather as the semester goes on.


These are the release times the coaches have requested for their players. For away contests, the times are about an hour before the players have to be on the bus.  Home games/contests are in BOLD, but the underlined times are early release.  These are typically about two hours before the game time.  Baseball is often a bit more because of field prep.


Your student-athletes should also provide you with their competition schedules with a list of the games that may conflict with class.  The coaches are still obligated to announce the game rosters through email and they have been asked to give the faculty at least 24 hour notice.


Please remember that absences due to athletic contests are excused absences and do not count against the attendance of the student-athletes.  All student-athletes are still required to complete any missed work and in a timely manner.  It is understood there are certain classroom activities that cannot be made up, such as certain labs or group work or class presentations.  If you have student-athletes missing class repeatedly for reasons other than sports, please let me or their coach know.


Student-athletes are asked to be pro-active and to work with their instructors to reduce conflicts with their sport schedule.  Please be pro-active yourself in helping them be pro-active; some of them aren’t very good at it.  It would certainly help to identify which students in your sections are athletes and have a quick chat with them.


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Spring 2019 Sports Schedule

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