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Looking for AFCI 101 Instructors

Looking for AFCI 101 Instructors

Hello everyone,

Now that department chairs are going around talking to everyone about fall 2019 schedules, it is time to consider teaching AFCI 101.


Teaching AFCI 101 is an exciting opportunity to interact with first semester college students and help them to become better critical thinkers and users of information.  In the modern “social media age” students need a lot of help learning how to find, evaluate, and communicate credible information.  The goal of AFCI 101 is to introduce new freshmen to the concepts of critical inquiry and information literacy.  We do this by discussing themes and researchable questions from a common freshman read and then leading them through activities and projects where they practice finding, evaluating, and properly using different sources of information to answer research questions, make arguments, or propose solutions to problems. The book for fall 2019 will be Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson (  This is not an English class, and the book is only meant as a jumping off point for critical inquiry.


AFCI 101 is a 1-credit class that meets once a week for 50 minutes.


Instructors will attend a 2-day workshop at the end of May to help them get ready to teach the class.  This workshop will pay a stipend with breakfast and lunch provided.


There are several options for teaching AFCI 101:

1)      As part of your regular course load – 2 sections of AFCI 101 counts as 3 contact hours

2)      As an overload – full time instructors can teach a section of CI on top of their regular teaching duties for $1000-$1125/ section (salary depends on master’s or PhD)

3)      As a part-time instructor – up to 3 sections, each section of AFCI pays $1000-$1125


Please let me know if you are interested in teaching AFCI 101 and please send me any questions you might have. 


Thanks everyone!



Michelle Vieyra, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Critical Inquiry Program Coordinator

University of South Carolina Aiken

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